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*_Youth in Action Training Course: "Volunteers - take a step forward"_*

In these days our Foundation is the Polish partner in the YiA project "Volunteers - take a step forward",which takes place from 20-28 Feb. in Murcia/Spain.
Main aim of the training course is to acknowledge the role of volunteers in the Human Rights Education field and empower them with knowledge, skills and attitudes to serve better for civic society association.

The training course aims to improve the participants' knowledge in the area of Human Rights Education, to promote awareness on Human Rights issues, to empower young volunteers and youth workers working directly with volunteers and enable them to implement HRE project and give them tools to do it, to give the space for the exchange of knowledge and best practices and to create a base for the strong cooperation, to contribute to the civic society associations' development and the quality of youth work by investing in the education of local volunteers and to further contribute to the motivation of volunteers and willingness to continue voluntary work.

The hosting organisation Human Rights Education Youth Network (HREYN) - it is an international network established and officially registered in Murcia, Spain.

The project is funded by the European Commission with the Youth in Action Programme.

Families Divided by History

The Foundation for Polish-German Reconciliation cooperates with the Museum of Polish History in carrying out the project 'Families Divided by History'.

The aim of the project is to explain how the course of history influenced individuals' lots. This can be achieved by showing examples of families which were divided as a result of the outbreak of World War II.

Basing on the collected reports and memories of the families, the Museum of Polish History plans to design an exhibition in cooperation with the Foundation for Polish-German Reconciliation that would show the fates of these people.

Therefore, the Foundation for Polish-German Reconciliation would like to ask all persons and families who are willing to share their own histories, to do so. Also personal belongings, letters, photographies and documents would be a significant help in the process of establishing the exibition. Later on, this historical material could also be used to shoot a documentary film or to write some publications concerning this topic.

Finally, the Museum of Polish History decided to publish a book about the fate of the one of the families which handed in the most interesting personal reminiscences

If you are interested in this project, please contact:

Muzeum Historii Polski
Keyword "Rodziny"
ul. Hrubieszowska 6 a
01-209 Warszawa
E-Mail: rodziny[at]

Fundacja "Polsko-Niemieckie Pojednanie"
Keywort "Rodziny"
ul. Krucza 36
00-921 Warszawa
E-Mail: archiwum[at]

We do need your support to put into life this ambitious project. Therefore, we would like to ask you all to share your memories or any historical evidence concerning your lot that could contribute to a better understanding of the influence, the World War II had on the fates of individuals

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