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EVS - European Voluntary Service
EVS is...

Getting out of your safety net, your known home world, and crossing borders towards meeting new people that can be from far away countries, towards entering into a new world of experiences, as diving into a new culture, little by little coming to understand this foreign language people speak all around you, to be challenged by tasks you never thought you could have, using you free time to travel a lot around the country.. EVS can be many things... you can meet people from countries as far and as diverse as Iceland, Ukraine, Great Britain, Portugal , Turkey, Armenia, Germany, Romania, Italy, Georgia, Poland. EVS can depend on many factors, such us your project, your hosting city or village, your motivation, but it is always an extraordinary opportunity to get out into the world. And cross not only your country’s borders but also and most importantly your mental borders, into different ways of communication, behaviors, thinking and questioning reality, showing affection, having fun...

In the end you will have expanded your definitions of what is normal, what is polite, what is a normal meal time, and much more! Dare yourself! And go out into the world! For a more practical information about EVS: --- In this website you can take a look into the EVS experience of ourselves! The international volunteers of FPNP in 2009/2010 our activities, our adventures, our ideas and projects. You are welcome to read us and write us in response!;)

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